Futuristic Accounting


Futuristic Accounting is a professional accounting software for any kind of  business.

Futuristic Cart

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Futuristic cart is a Multi vendor/ Marketplace or E commerce platform.

CivilTech Structural Solutions Limited

CivilTech Structural Solutions Limited is a basic Engineering Firm which provide you all kind of construction and construction related solution like Construction of industrial building both RCC and Prefabricated Steel Building We are working in the field of civil & steel building construction in Bangladesh from more than eight years. We have done different types of [...]

HBOSS ATL Magazine

HBOSS ATL Magazine will be an online publication that comes out quarterly with the first issue to be released in February 2017. It will spotlight the finest entrepreneurs, businesswomen, businessmen, restaurants, chefs, actors, actresses, athletes, musicians, producers, makeup artists, stylists, fashion designers, event planners, publicists, promoters, travel agents, etc. We promise to share all the [...]

Kenakata Protidin


Kenakata protidin a concern of Probashir Shwapno Limited. It begins marketing in Bangladesh year of 2016. Kenakata protidin is an e-commerce company designed to become the market leader in web based sales of all kinds of executive and fashion wears, electrical, electronics, home appliance, Health & beauty, ticketing and other services. This kenakata protidin founder [...]

Shaira Fashion Ltd.


Shaira Fashion Ltd. is maintaining a promising excellence in Apparel Sourcing, Brand marketing, Production Management & Services, since 2008 in Bangladesh to Full fill needs of Global Customers. Strongly Experienced and Motivated TEAMround the clock Determines to Manage Products from creating and developing Design concept to delivery into customers warehouse.

House Staffs

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হাউজ স্টাফ অন্যতম বিশ্বাসযোগ্য বৈশ্বিক মাধ্যম যা হাউজ স্টাফের সমাধান দেয় ইউএই, কাতার, ওমান, বাহারাইন, কুয়েত, সৌদি আরব এবং মধ্যপ্রাচ্যের অন্যান্য অঞ্চলে। আমরা ভালো সংখ্যাক মানসম্পন্ন, ব্যায়ক্ষমতার মধ্যে বাড়ির জন্য স্টাফ দিচ্ছি, যেমন … হাউজকিপার ড্রাইভার শেফ/কুক ন্যানি/ বয়স্ক মানুষের সেবা দাতা। তাঁর পাশাপাশি, আমর আপনাকে নিশ্চয়তা দিচ্ছি সবচেয়ে আধুনিক সার্চ টুলস এবং সিস্টেম যা [...]

Tel 2

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Tel2Globe Telecom is one of the fastest growing telecommunication services group delivering supreme quality with cost effective Solutions and Services related to Telecom and IT Industries.With an ongoing success with different products Tel2Globe has successfully became an Internet Service Provider in Australia.

Macadam Driving School


One of the oldest names in the driving school trade, they are also among the finest. Most people choose this place for the ambiance it provides. Very friendly and experienced instructors make the nerve-wracking first drive on the road a much calmer experience. The course consists of both theory and practical classes.