Project Description

Kenakata protidin a concern of Probashir Shwapno Limited. It begins marketing in Bangladesh year of 2016. Kenakata protidin is an e-commerce company designed to become the market leader in web based sales of all kinds of executive and fashion wears, electrical, electronics, home appliance, Health & beauty, ticketing and other services. This kenakata protidin founder is being working over the world. We are competent to provide best customer service an an e-commerce business. The service companies offer mainly to third party customers the full range of services along the an e-commerce value chain from online marketing. We are committed to provide best competitive price and quality service. Base on our product demand will get product from wholesaler and direct import from overseas. We will try to minimize customer stress for buying items from e-commerce. No matter how much traffic in our e-commerce website is bringing in high conversion rates will provide to you for smooth purchasing. One of the main objectives as a website manager is to make the checkout page easy to find and the process of moving through each step intuitive straightforward. Emphasis shouldn’t be given to any difficulty to making the easy payment process.

Probably in market being sneaky and adding in additional fees and charges when the customer goes to check out can really rub people the wrong way. We will improve this area and minimize the addition fee and hidden charge. Our e-commerce service sites providing discounts and offers with transparent pricing haven’t favorable impact on customer base. In saa Allah.