Project Description

HBOSS ATL Magazine will be an online publication that comes out quarterly with the first issue to be released in February 2017. It will spotlight the finest entrepreneurs, businesswomen, businessmen, restaurants, chefs, actors, actresses, athletes, musicians, producers, makeup artists, stylists, fashion designers, event planners, publicists, promoters, travel agents, etc. We promise to share all the success stories that others seem to overlook.

Our team of professional writers along with our photographers will provide our readers with quality stories and pictures. The magazine’s style is sophisticated, alluring, straightforward, contemporary, and creates an inviting world that has something for everyone in every area of their lives. Readers will find special sections that include News, Business/Finance, Entertainment, BLOTM, Success Stories, Health/Wellness, Food/Wine, Beauty, Fashion, Music, Sports, Real Estate, Travel, and Inspirational Commentary.

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